Blue Mount Elite BM52 Water Purifier RO+Alkaline+UF+LED Display Electric Water Purifier

Blue Mount Elite BM52 Water Purifier RO+Alkaline+UF+LED Display Electric Water Purifier

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  • Color: White and Blue
  • Technology: Alkaline RO + UF technology with LED display system
  • Stages: Sediment, activated carbon, RO, antioxidant alkaline and UF membrane
  • Storage: External 4 gallon pressure tank
  • Application: Suitable for purification of brackish/tap/municipal water
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Operating Voltage: 100-300 volts
  • Includes: Purifier, 3-Way connector, Stainless steel ball valve, 3 meter white pipe, 3 meter blue pipe, 3 Screws, Plastic inserts, 1 Drill sticker and 1 Instruction manual

Item specifics

  • Brand Blue Mount
  • Colour White color
  • Item Model Number Elite BM52
  • Item Width 2.23 Kilogram
  • Product Dimensions 21.1x9.9x16.7 cm with tap
  • Purification Capacity Approx 6000 Litres
  • Special features LED Display+best quality
  • Water Tank 12 Litres
  • Service Onsite Installation free
  • Warranty 1 year by Manufacturer
  • Cabinet Plastic Body
  • Additional Features Alkaline+RO+UF

Product Description

Alkaline RO UV/UF Purifier technology provides purification by Alkaline RO combined with Alkaline + Carbon + Sediments filter . The carbon and sediments filter remove both suspended and chemical impurities such as chlorine, pesticides and various organic chemicals. It's state-of-the-art Alkaline filter and RO Membrane collectively purify water while the Alkaline filter maintains the pH level as well as minerals essential for human body.

Ultraviolet sterilization is useful for targeted elimination of microbes. It ensures that the water is 100% free from bacteria, viruses and other impurities and ideal for consumption.

Technology: Alkaline RO + UF Technology 
Stages : Sediment + Activated Carbon + RO + Antioxidant Alkaline + UF Membrane
Installation: Wall Mounted / Counter Top
Application: Suitable For Purification Of Brackish/Tap/Municipal Water

Digital Display System

India's first intelligent LED Display System. It has the ability to auto-stop purifier in case of any leakage or overflow and indicates about the error in real-time. The computer-controlled LED has a time-based filter change indicator, hence you never have to worry about when to change the filters, it will inform you automatically.

  • Filter On/Off soft tuch button:
  • Constantly senses and indicates the life of filters and indicates any defects.
  • These buttons are to setup the digital clock in the purifier.
  • The dotted circle, indicates working of RO System.
  • Auto Flushing Process
  • Low-Pressure Indicator
  • Illuminated if there is any shortage of water in input and is easy to identify this fault.
  • Full Tank Indication.

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