Commercial Customer Service is provided service only for Madam Gopal & Sons Private Limited and Shakumbhari Enterprises customer's that will follow terms & conditions.
1. Commercial customer in include government & Private departments & offices, Companies, Factories, Schools, Colleges, etc.
2. All the purchase/works order will be made in favor of “Madan Gopal & Sons Private Limited” or “Shakumbhari Enterprises”.
3. Customer will provide purchase/works order by email id or Whatsapp.
4. The delivery provider will come onsite that customer firstly provide work order/purchase order with seal and signature by the authorized person after that we will provide products and other services.
5. All the Cheques will be made in favor of Madan Gopal & Sons Private Limited or Shakumbhari Enterprises.
6. GST and other Tax extra as per applicable.
7. If payment will not be made within due days and cheque bouncing charged Rs.1000-/ and Interest will be charged @24% Per day if not paid due date.
8. That requires emergency & fast service, they will pay an extra 10% charges by online payment getaway.
9. Will be extra for Delivery Charges as per actual basis.
10. Full payment onsite cash on delivery but cheque will not accept without purchase/works order with authorized cheque signatory id.
11. Any other item required other than mentioned above is chargeable and will be extra for products and freight/ delivery charges as per actual basis.

Warranty: warranty as per principal for manufacture company, No warranty on physical damage, brunt & track cut goods. product's warranty wills extra pay charges for courier service and onsite delivery charges 250 Rs per product.