Blue mount Harmony Iron Remover Filter 1500 bm97

Blue mount Harmony Iron Remover Filter 1500 bm97

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Product Code: Iron Remover Filter 1500-bm97
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  • Technology: Water Softener 200
  • Technology Type: Ion Exchange Technology
  • Output on 200ppm Hardness: 15000 Litres
  • Operation: Manual
  • Mode of operation: SS - 304
  • On-Demand with advance

    Item specifics

    • Brand Blue Mount
    • Colour Blue Color
    • Item Model Number Iron Remover Filter 1500-BM97
    • Item Height 1372 mm (54 Inch)
    • Item Width 145 Kilogram
    • Product Dimensions 330 mm (13 Inch)
    • Special features Iron Remover Filter
    • Service Installation Extra
    • Warranty 1 year by Manufacturer

    Product Description

    Inspired by one of the most widely used water purification technologies, the Blue-mount iron remover removes excessive ferrous and manganese substances from your water. It removes the risk of impurities damaging your pipelines, expensive bathroom fittings, clothes, skin and hair. The non-electric iron remover is easy to install, easy to maintain and highly efficient that not only protects your assets, but also saves you money on maintenance and electricity bills.

    Know Your Product


    Choking of pipelines and scale formation on expensive bath fittings, taps and showers has been a problem for many people. The redness in water that leaves stain on bathtubs and floor is one of the most challenging things from many homeowners. To address these challenges, Bluemount Appliances introduces the Bluemount iron remover, a 100% safe and effective solution. Free from harmful chemicals, the iron remover efficiently eliminates the excessive iron from water and removes the risk of damage by using the smart ferrous nil media.

    Without using electricity and any harmful chemical, the Bluemount iron remover works perfectly and delivers soft, iron free water. The ultra-modern technology provides freedom from rust and scaling, while protecting your valuable assets from damage. Recommended by experts, Bluemount’s iron removal technology helps you live a safe, healthy and peaceful life without having to worry about high energy and maintenance bills.

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