HP RO04 Rechargeable Battery-P3G13AA

HP RO04 Rechargeable Battery-P3G13AA

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  • Brand New HP Battery 44W
  • 14.8V Cells : Capacity : 3Ah
  • Long battery backup
  • Powerful 4 Cell HP battery snaps in and out of the battery
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Item specifics

  • Brand Hewlett-Packard
  • Colour Black Body
  • Body Plastic Body
  • Item Weight 0.23 Kilogram
  • Product Dimensions 29 x 23 x 5.6 cm
  • Type 4-cell Lithium Ion
  • Wattage 44Wh,3Ah,14.8V
  • Included Components Laptop battery
  • Special features Bast Quality Product
  • Warranty One Year by Manufacturer

Product Description

HP is dedicated to providing you with innovative power solutions to increase your notebook's entertainment and productivity value. The HP Long Life Battery has up to a One-year life span - backed by the industry's first. One-year warranty. HP is committed to the environment and reducing battery waste. Fewer batteries are used over the life of the notebook with HP Long Life Batteries making this a smart choice for you and the environment.

4D Laptop battery for the above model is made from high quality parts and 4D confirms the specifications similar to your laptop requirements. The battery passes all the necessary certifications like CE, ROHS, CB etc. henceforth confirms the best quality, durability and performance. It wont get drained easily and lasts longer adding high back up and extra performance. The voltage and capacity of cells meet exactly with your requirement. " Condition : Brand New Chemistry : Li-ion Color : Black +Silver Voltage : 14.8V Cells : 4 cells Capacity : 2200mAh

Compatible with Notebook Probook 430 G3(L6D80AV)Probook 430 G3(L6D81AV)Probook 430 G3(L6D82AV)Probook 430 G3(L6D83AV)Probook 430 G3(L6D84AV)Probook 430 G3(L6D85AV)Probook 430 G3(L6D86AV)Probook 430 G3(M2Q61AV)Probook 430 G3(T0J28PA)Probook 430 G3(T0J31PA)Probook 430 G3(T0P71PT)Probook 430 G3(T0P72PT)Probook 430 G3(V5F07AV)Probook 430 G3(V5F08AV)Probook 430 G3(V5F09AV)Probook 430 G3(V5F10AV)Probook 430 G3(V5F12AV)Probook 430 G3(V5F13AV)Probook 430 G3(V5F15AV)Probook 430 G3(W8H72PA)Probook 430 G3(W8H73PA)Probook 430 G3(W8H97PA)Probook 430 G3(W8H99PA)Probook 430 G3(Y5W96PA)Probook 430 G3(Y5W97PA)Probook 430 G3(Z6S91PA)Probook 430 G3Probook 430 G4Probook 440 G3(L6E38AV)Probook 440 G3(L6E40AV)Probook 440 G3(L6E41AV)Probook 440 G3(L6E42AV)Probook 440 G3(L6E44AV)P

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